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SYDNEY GLOBAL CINE CARNIVAL is a monthly, live screening film festival. The carnival is based on Australia's oldest and largest city. Sydney has evolved as a prime place for film production, media, theatre, art and business. With high-profile events and conferences on the rise, Sydney Harbour has become a global force in the field of independent content creation.

SYDNEY GLOBAL CINE CARNIVAL finds that the time is in favour to have a large and permanent showcase in Sydney. For our filmmakers, it is vital that their work gets screened within some of the most famous thriving film business-oriented metropolitan cities of the world.


SYDNEY GLOBAL CINE CARNIVAL’s aim is to help indie filmmakers to launch their professional career within the film industry - showcasing their work around the world, building press coverage, exposing to sales agents, distributors, global production companies, talent agencies, and worldwide producers. The festival welcomes work from all over the world. We expect to receive films with courage, and unique voices.


The iconic Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge call the indie filmmakers to walk on the Red Carpet of SYDNEY GLOBAL CINE CARNIVAL and showcase their talent globally along with getting recognition and prestigious awards.

SYDNEY GLOBAL CINE CARNIVAL is a monthly live screening film festival.  Each month more than 50 films from the different categories are officially selected and out of them, at least one per category is awarded. Most representatives are monthly screened at a prestigious venue in Sydney. All these monthly winners are qualified for the annual live screening gala in Sydney and can be nominated for the prestigious SYDNEY GLOBAL CINE CARNIVAL ANNUAL AWARD (the best of the best). The annual event is a glamorous red- carpet premiere with press conferences and gala parties in Sydney in the presence of international movie celebrities and media. The participants have excellent opportunities to exchange their ideas, ideologies and cultural diversities. The winners have a chance to meet with the audience and participate in Q & A after the screening for a healthy discussion about the film.

What Makes Us

SYDNEY GLOBAL CINE CARNIVAL is a thriving global community of artists and your association can be as big as you want it to be. From global screenings to distribution, PR support and production work - just from submitting to us alone you are opening yourself up to some genuine opportunities that lie ahead. It is definitely worth submitting to our other festivals as well to widen your work’s platform and maximize your networking opportunities. Not only one time recognition we are concerned about the long run success of a indie filmmaker